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Sep 24, 2012 9:00pm PDT
this is the race card. >> it has has acknowledged it has been successful. >> they're appealing to a law, and beginning with whyes and then, having been segregatio segregationists and they they spent the next playing image nairy races. generally irish cop that's live in queens we have decades of quote hate crimes, alleged racial shootings. according to the "new york times", the plan running, the police force and it was only when -- when oj verdict that, is the arc of the book that set america free. >> and i want to see this in this campaign. >> and you pose a stimulus bill. this is a narrative. all of this is you. there is al gore screaming at the top of his lungs. republicans had the wrong agenda. they don't want to count you in the census, it leads to owe, by the way, voter id law that's is racist. >> yes. yes. >> you can't get into dnc upless you have a voter id. >> right. right. and there is liberals who ought to be guilty about something, never led to anything good. and there is finally on the oj verdict approves we've got rudy giuliani who saved tens of thousands of black lives by
FOX News
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
't want to count you in the census, which leads to voter id laws. that's racist. can't get into the dnc unless you have a voter id. >> whites being bullied by racism, by white liberals, by the way, who ought to be guilty about something, has never led to anything good, led to the john lindsay administration in this city, finally because of the o.j. verdict we got there,by got giuliani by enforcing criminal laws, despite being called a racist throughout his tenure. white guilt has produced mistake after mistake including the 2008 election when more whites voted for obama than voted for a democrat for a decade. >> sean: under rudy giuliani, 600,000 fewer people -- by the way, there are more -- in terms of actual numbers there are more whites than blacks on food stamps, etc., but we have 15 million unde. under giuliani and republicans, opportunity increases for everybody. >> and they're less likely to be killed. it's a lie by liberals, not black people. they're up to their old tricks again. they've been doing this from the philadelphia speech to the southern strategy. southern strategy was
FOX News
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to this high. >> sean: we don't have anything to do with priorities usa. that by law we're not allowed to coordinate with them. by law, we don't have anything to do with their ads. i don't know the facts of when joe soptic's wife got sick or died. >> a while a little later she was diagnosed with lung cancer. i had to put her in a county hospital because she didn't have healthcare. when the cancer took her away all i got was an enormous bill. now i'll turn the call back over to stephanie. >> great, thank you, joe. we appreciate you and david sharing your experiences. >> sean: "thank you, joe, we appreciate you sharing your experiences." she said later i don't know the facts of this case. caught in a lie. still working for the campaign. >> caught right-handed, or i guess blue-handed. she's a shameless lying liar. you need to have two feet of clearance space for that nose that keeps growing and growing, stephanie cutterocchio. she's trying to persuade women they should last forget the last four years, down the memory hole, all those millions of women out of work, all the millions of femal
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 9:00pm EDT
're looking for blasphemy laws, in other words it would be illegal to be critical of the prophet or critical of islam. that's what they're arguing. that's what morsi, who's taking $2 billion, is lecturing us that we must do and our president is pandering and apologizing for a film he had nothing to do with. >> i see him condemning the lack of tolerance it. i think that's a really important -- >> sean: wait a second. the lack of tolerance comes from the president himself, and the left, basically making an argument on behalf of or explaining the way the actions you saw in the middle east. they're basically saying, look, this is why it happened. it happened because people said mean things. the truths is, if you care about the first amendment, the freedom to say what you think, to express your opinion, you unequivocally the right for people to say unpopular things and not get killed for it. >> no, no, tucker, i think you actually affirm the first amendment, but you also have the right and you reserve the right to condemn when -- >> sean: alexis, why did the president -- and hillary, his administ
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
at reconstruction, antilynching laws early in the part of the 20th century, republicans were in the lead, even in the course of the civil rights act in '64, you had moderate republicans. jacob javits and the like who without their support you wouldn't have had a civil rights act. >> it was more than that. 80% of republicans voted for the '64 civil rights act, the first civil rights act ever pushed by a democrat. only 60% of democrats did. i mean, even then -- >> yeah, and they were the majority. so there's a bigger number of democrats. >> the democrats who voted against the '64 civil rights act, we act like that was the only one pushed by a democrat, or the first one, the democrats who voted against it voted against all civil rights acts. the republicans who voted against it like barry goldwater, they voted for all prior civil rights acts. >> sean: i want to get to this question. hold on. >> there was a constitutional objection. >> sean: why do the democrats always play the race card? you like republicans, black churches are going to burn. democratic add, the james bird ad in 2000. why does th
FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
surprised the muslim brotherhood said islam is our law shirea the way. highest calling. that has been their motto. he didn't see it coming? >> maybe he likeses that. billions of dollars goes to egypt. billions of dollars. >> we continue to bpay them. why didn't he protect mubarak? other people say in the same position as mub bamub back say y should i be defending the united states. if the tied goes against me they are going to push me out also. when you talk about foreign policy and foreign policy presidents i think he goes down as the worst in the history of this country. >> this is their foreign policy. we couldn't show the body of bin laden. but he can tiell everyone he killed bin laden. the trailer to a movie nobody has seen and then the spokesman says oh no every embassy, tunisia, sudan, cairo, libya, two navy seals ambassador killed and jay carney says this. they are not attacking america. >> this wis a fairly volatile situation it is in response not to the united states policies, not to obviously the administration, not to the american people. it is in response to a video, a fi
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
thing. my father-in-law talked about being a public servant is the ultimate kind of service, the ultimate job that you can have. he was absolutely correct, because to me there was nothing more satisfying than to be in sacramento, to solve problems, work with everyone together, bring everyone together, and to just chip away, keep solving problems, and serve the people, because as an immigrant, as an immigrant, it is especially very satisfying that you can give something back to this country. you know, to be able to say thank you, to a place that's received you with open arms, and where i saw firsthand that the harder i worked, the more i accomplished, the more i achieved, there was no obstacle there. there was no -- not like in europe, when i grew up, where there were obstacles after obstacles for you to get successful. here there was no obstacle. everyone wished you good luck and everyone said, yeah, you can do it. of course with my outrageous dreams that i had, i even found people in america that said, no, that's impossible, arnold when i said i want to be a leading man in
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)